Welcome to MAD Photography

Molly Desrosiers started studying photography in 2012 – a passion that developed out of her love of the outdoors. Although largely self-taught, Molly also studied under Walter Schnecker in his Amherst NH accredited school C1M Photography. Walter’s guidance was instrumental to Molly in refining her vision, technical proficiency, and in sustaining and strengthening her passion for the art of photography.

In portrait photography, Molly hopes to capture personalities and convey the spirit of her subject. Aesthetically, Molly works collaboratively, to achieve an image that satisfies both her own vision and that of her patron – cooperating to find posing and lighting that flatter, and convey a tone that everyone agrees upon.

Molly is still very engaged as well with the landscape shoots that initially brought her into the field. Whether hiking, camping, or even just walking her dog, you can routinely count on a few photos being produced and the collection is always growing of beautiful ‘keepers’ that capture the sense of light and place that continue to inspire this craft.

Living and working in Nashua, NH, Molly has professionally photographed families and individuals for school senior photos, school sports, and pet photography from dogs to horses. Molly will take on landscape photography commissions including homes or environments dear to the patron’s heart.

Outside photography Molly is also a passionate outdoorsman, music lover of all genres, a dedicated Mom and a loyal friend. To discuss your next photo project, please send Molly a message from the form below, or email her at molly@madphotography.net

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